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We created Backstage Secrets so that a lot of talented and ambitious individuals, who are trying to achieve extraordinary results in their professions, can finally have a chance of achieving their dreams. According to Brian Tracy, a business trainer, the shortest way to the top is to learn from someone who’s already there. This is the exact opportunity we’re offering to our students.

Modern technology has significantly changed the music industry. Never has the process of music creation been so accessible as today. You can easily forgo an expensive studio with its multichannel consoles and studio equipment that costs millions of dollars. To create quality music you don’t need complicated equipment. First and foremost you need talent and mastery.

We truly believe that true professionals never stop learning. The question really becomes: who is your teacher?

Backstage Secrets is a global education project. We use every modern type of express-education: seminars, studio master-classes, private lessons and webinars. Our sessions are being held at the world’s best recording studios, which helps you learn the technology of music making without spending a lot of money.

The project started out in the fall of 2015 in Helsinki, Moscow and Saint Petersburg with a whole series of seminars and master-classes conducted by Mark Needham, Ben O’Neil, Hadrien Feraud, Brian Virtue and Mikko (Linde) Lindstrom. In 2016 we are significantly expanding the geography of our project; we are adding Stockholm, Copenhagen, Milan, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Los Angeles and New York to the roster. In 2017 we will be starting Backstage Secrets Asia and will be conducting master-classes in Tokyo, Bangkok, Ubud, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, and Mumbai.

We are constantly working on adding different areas of interest to our master-classes. We’re planning on launching classes in musical management, working with live sound, mastering the vocals. We will be bringing you actual stars of the music industry as well as some famous teachers from around the world.

We offer five types of education:
  • Seminars. These are lectures delivered in a big auditorium environment, with Q&A sessions afterwards. The masters of the industry will be speaking about their life and professional experiences, sharing the secrets of their successes, giving some theoretical information about working with sounds, as well as some practical ideas about playing the musical instruments.
  • Master-classes on instrument recording. The classes will be held at the recording studios. The world’s most prominent producers will lead practice lessons, which will cover modern technology involved in recording of drums, bass guitar, guitars, vocals, electronic music, and piano.
  • Master-classes on mixing. The classes will be held at the recording studios. During these sessions you will have a chance to mix some famous tracks together, hand-in-hand with legendary producers. The tracks will be delivered in “raw” format and the students will participate in mixing the songs alongside with the producers.
  • Master-classes on the full cycle of single recording and mixing. These classes usually take a few days, during which you will have an opportunity to go through the entire process of creating a quality song – from instrument arrangement to the final mix.
  • Private sessions. You will have an opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from legendary musicians and producers in one-on-one or small group settings.
Jay Messina
Moscow, Saint-Petersburg

Legenadry pruducer and mix engineer from New York will dicover his secrets in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg this April. Jay's clients roster including such a great names as John Lennon, Aerosmith, KISS, Slash, Supertramp, Cheap Trick and many others

Mixing camp in Los Angeles
Los Angeles / Feb 20 -25 / 2023

Backstage Secrets team and 15 lucky participants go on a tour to the capital of the contemporary music world, Los Angeles, to meet the outstanding people of the sound recording industry.

At the heart of the journey is the attendance of legendary NRG studios and the leadership of the 6 legendary producers. The journey mission is meeting 6 record production stars: Mark Needham, Jay Baumgardner, Warren Huart, Ed Cherney, Matt Wallace, Steven Slate and Andrew Brightman - head in Brightman music management company who will discuss novadays career reality with you.

Every day students will find out secrets of world famous hits: the equipment they are made with, and the engineers’ personal tricks. The program takes full 6 days; all week we’ll spent in front of the console. During this trip the group immerses deeply in a creative atmosphere of the Pacific coast that gave birth to numerous musical and cinematic masterpieces of the present. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu, Sunset Boulevard… Backstage Secrets participants will be right in the middle of all these miraculous places!

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Simon Posford
Webinar "Electronic sound design"
London /
Mixing Camp in LA
Day 1 - Mark Needham
Los Angeles /
Mixing Camp in LA
Day 2 - Jay Baumgardner
Los Angeles /
Mixing Camp in LA
Day 3 - Warren Huart
Los Angeles /
Mixing Camp in LA
Day 4 - Matt Wallace
Los Angeles /
Mixing Camp in LA
Day 5 - Ben O'Neill
Los Angeles /
Mixing Camp in LA
Day 6 - Andrew Brightman
Los Angeles /
Chris Gehrenger
Master Class "Mastering "
Moscow /
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